Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam (part 1)

Vietnam Destinations from the North to the South are always in the top travel in Trip Advisor and Travel Wire in recently years. As Vietnam tourism statistics, there is a considerable amount of travelers (about 7.5 million international tourists) visited country in 2013. The ten best places to visit in Vietnam are incredible and must-see spots not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia. They include UNESCO World Heritage sites, Southeast Asia’s longest coastlines, spectacular natural wonders, and plenty biodiversity. Take a short view throughout Vietnam to unveil the top spots.

1. Sapa

Sapa is misty mountainous town located in Northwest of Vietnam which is known by rice terraces on sloping mountainsides, and ethnic minorities such as H’mong, Giay, Dao and Tay. Local people still mainly concentrate on agriculture as rice paddies and farmlands. Additionally, they woven fabrics to make colorful traditional clothing then wear it every day. Yet, tourists can buy these clothes as souvenirs on market which is only hold at weekend. And don’t worry about language barriers because sellers can speak English and French well until tourism starts booming in Sapa.

If you want to capture the best view of Sapa, you should travel to Tram Ton Pass, known as Gate of Sky – the highest mountain in Vietnam. Besides that, Silver Waterfall – Gold Spring, Love Waterfall are also other main attractions. Fansipan Mountain is a wonderful adventure for those who like climbing, trekking.

Sapa Rice Field

Sapa Rice Field

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2. Hanoi

Hanoi is very proud of its long history. Due to 1000 year history, Hanoi now has not only modern look of bustle capital and but also save many its landmarks from the past. Thanks to these beauties, name of these places was listed in lots of Vietnamese songs.

The first site is Hoan Kiem Lake or Sword Lake which is located in centre of Hanoi. According to legend, the Golden Turtle God suddenly appears when the Le Loi King is boating on the Lake. The God lends him a magic sword to defeat Chinese invader of Ming Dynasty and save the country. After the war, once he boats, the turtle appears then reclaims the sword. Thus, Turtle Tower is built on the small island in the centre of the lake to remember turtle’s gratitude.

Quan Chuong Gate

The second one which is also very outstanding in Hanoi travel list is One Pillar Pagoda. It is known as the dream of Ly Thai Tong Emperor when he saw Buddha sit on lotus. After that, he built this pagoda standing on a small pillar and the shape looks like blooming lotus. But French War destroyed it totally. Now, the pagoda is rebuilt same as the original designation.

Hanoi Street Foods

Hanoi Street Foods

The third remnant is Temple of Literature that is the first Vietnamese national university. After time, it became temple to dedicate to Confucius, sages, and scholars. Until now, many candidates still come here to wish the good result before important exams. During Tet holiday, calligraphists will assemble and write wishes in Han characters outside the temple then people can use these art works as gift or home decoration to bring luck for New Year.

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3. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay means “Bay of Descending Dragons” in Vietnamese. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1994. Then it is listed in one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2012. With emerald water and thousands of limestone karsts and isles in different size and shape, it is actually a beautiful and magnificent creation of nature.

Halong Bay tours

Halong Bay

More surprisingly, some limestone mountains hid wonderful caves inside that its stalactite and stalagmite has found for million years. Yet, the best way to visit the Bay is by boat with full of facilities. Traveller will easily have crush on Ha Long Bay’s beauties when spending beach holiday by taken cruising trip.

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It cannot summarize Vietnam’s beauty briefly. If you want to discover these places, come here with VietExpert, we will show how it is beautiful.

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