The Best of Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the peaceful, sparkling, and ancient places where you must go when visiting Vietnam. Walking through beautiful riverside town and looking at stunning landscape seem bring you go back to the past. This article will show the best things of this dreamy town as below. 

Hoi An in peace


Traditional architecture

Hoi An Bridge

Since the 1st century, Hoi An has been a major trading port in Asia. In the past, lots of Chinese people lived and did business here so the architecture of Hoi An combines traditional Vietnamese architecture and influenced by other countries such as Japan and China also. A wide range of religious buildings such as pagodas, temples and meeting houses followed the traditional architecture style in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Japanese bridge (also known as Cau pagoda) which built since the 18th century is one of the must – visited places in this beautiful ancient town.


Hoai River (also known as Thu Bon river)

Hoai River

When you come to Hoi An, don’t hesitate to hire a small wooden boat. Why? Because floating on the Hoai River, you will not only go along the ancient town, but also discover a stunning and poetic landscape along the banks river. In daylight, you will have opportunities to see daily life of local people along river. But when the sun goes down, hundreds of lanterns release colourful lights at night on the river that create a charming view. Even traveller can release some lanterns themselves.



Hoi An silk lanterns

When travellers have been here for the first time, they can be little amazed by appearance of silk lanterns in every corner of this beautiful town. At night, only the light from moon and colourful lanterns from rooftops to colonial buildings are lightened up in the markets instead of lighting by power sources. If you were here on the 14th day of every lunar month, you could have a chance to join the full moon lantern festival. When wandering around the old streets under colourful sparkling lights of beautiful lanterns, you will feel really peaceful and comfortable.


Cao Lau – Hoi An signature noodle

Hoi An Noodle – “Cao Lau”

One of the most well-known dishes of Hoi An is Cao Lau Noodle. According to local residents, Cao Lau was created in Hoi An since the 17th century, while this port was opened and foreign traders from all over the world including the Chinese and the Japanese came to exchange goods. That is the reason why Cao Lau was affected by Chinese cuisine, and the noodle itself was originated from Japan’s famous Udon noodles. However, Cao Lau still maintains its unique flavor and can only be found in Hoi An, Vietnam. Your journey to this foodie capital of Vietnam would be incomplete if you don’t try Cao Lau Noodles.


Bai Choi

Bai Choi is a popular kind of folk art in central Vietnam, especially in Hoi An and Hue, which was played 300-400 years ago during Spring Festival in Hue. Thanks to Hoi An Culture and Sports Centre, Bai Choi is now being restored and re-introduced to travellers. Nowadays, this traditional game is held not only during the full moon night but also in every evening on a large outdoor yard.

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