Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam (p.II)

Difference of Moon Festivals between regions

Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated mostly for children & family. It is normally held in public areas with lion dance parades show in busy streets. Although festivities are taken place from cities to rural areas, each region has its own features. Travelers can discover during mid-Autumn season, unless they come and self experience the Moon Festivals between regions.

1. Ha Noi

During mid-Autum Festival, the capital will be full of colors; Hang Ma Street is one of the most famous and bustle streets in the Old Quarter for selling kids’ toys and gifts like night market. On this occasion, even before full moon lots of families together with their children walk on busy streets to buy gifts for kids or friends. Besides that, walking through many streets in the Old Quarter will be an interesting experience to try traditional Vietnam foods in Hanoi Tours

2. Hoi An

Hoi An is the famous town for lanterns hanging not only during festival but also in whole year. If visitors come here on festival season, you will see a range of bright and colorful lanterns which are hang from house, restaurants to roads. Even it is easy to find lantern-making workshops in the ancient town. At the 8th full moon night, hundreds of lanterns are releasedon the river then its colourful lights create charming view along the Hoai River. Thus, Hoi An is an ideal destination for family tour to relax and enjoy especially during moon festival.

3. Ho Chi Minh City

During Full Moon Festival, Ho Chi Minh City is always brighter than it is. Lots of people will come to Sai Gon centre to join festivities. Streets and roads from downtown to many areas are decorated and lighted up glitteringly. Tourists will feel popular with lion dances and other street music shows which are preformed daily during full moon week.

4. Phan Thiet

Along with its seemingly endless white sand beaches and pristine coastline, local people said that Phan Thiet is one of the top destinations in Vietnam for annual festival. Beautiful parades of lights and lanterns during mid-Autumn pass through quiet streets that making lively and interestingly events in this city.  If you want to have both cultural experiences and relaxing holiday in the beach city with the best Vietnam beach resorts, don’t miss this place in your traveling places list.

Moon Festival Foods


Mooncakes in Mid – Autumn Festival

The wonderful combination between sticky rice and a range of flavors has made tasty and delicious mooncakes. Thus, it also plays an indispensable factor in Mid-Autumn Festival. Hotels, restaurants, and bakeries create various tastes such green tea, red bean, coconut tastes how to mix with eaters’ hobbies. It is popular gift for family or relatives during this season because of not only diversified flavors but also beautifully decorated boxes such as gold plated box or box with silk covering inside. Consequently, it will be a unique option on full moon festival for foreign travelers if they want to buy gifts for family and friends.

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