11 Top Beautiful Beaches In Southest Asia (part II)

In the list of 11 top beautiful beaches in Southest Asia, besides Mũi Né – Vietnam, there are other beaches from Thailand, Cambodia, …

The list below is ranked by Canadiantraveller 

6. Koh Rong, Cambodia


Koh Rong – pristine island

Cambodia’s coastline is quite short so this country doesn’t have as many beaches as Vietnam and Thailand. According to travelling statistic, “”backpackers” or cheap tour hunters play the main part in the number of Cambodia visitors. Thus, it is easy to understand why Koh Rong – offshore pristine island is the place to attract them.

7. Coron, Philippines


Tropical seashore of Coron Island

Coron was once a forgotten town until the island has been discovered. Due to the wonderful combination between heaven and earth, tourist seem easily get lost in paradise. This island includes 7 lakes that Kayangan Lake has purest and cleanest water.

8. Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia


Paradise place for surfing & relaxing

Kuta, Lombok in Indonesia is famous for its soft white sand beaches and beautiful blue sea water. Also, one of the exciting activities which attracts many travelers in Kuta is surfing.

9. Camiguin, Philippines


White sand beach in the small Camiguin Iisland, Philippines

Camiguin is by the process of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Because it is the second small island in Philippine so there is not too much space to develop tourism. Therefore, Camiguin is lucky when it has still retained its inherent beauty.

10. Gili Trawanga,Indonesia

Although Gili Trawanga is the largest island in the Gili Islands, visitors can walk to discover in less than 3 hours and the population here is less than 800 people. There is none of wifi or means of transportation excluded some of long-tailed boats. So, Gili Trawanga is the ideal place to see the sunset in Southeast Asia.

11. Ko Phangan, Thailand

 This island is located in Southern Thailand. Ko Phangan always has celebrated feasts which are so attractive that travelers cannot ignore. Besides that, it is famous with cheap tours and shining beaches.

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