10 reasons why you should travel to Vietnam (part 1 of 3)

#10 – The beaches

What is better than spending time in the turquoise water under the sun. Let the water of Hué, Da Nang, Nha Trang or Mui Né make you forget about all the stress of your busy tourine. Vietnam has several of the world’s top beaches where we can find pristine water with fine white sand.

Beaches in Vietnam are safe to swim and there are opportunities for water-sport activities as well at the most touristic ones. In Nha Trang, for instance, you can do wake-boarding and kite surfing. In Da Nang, you can enjoy world-class beach resorts along with surf in some areas. Da Nang is also considered a romantic get away for couples and families.

The city is wide, clean and close to Hoi An which offers also it’s share of unique landscapes. In Mui Né, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches with some added wildness while savouring your favorite seafood for cheap. If for you the beach life is a big part of a trip, you should definitely check Vietnam out because the whole country is on a coast and all kind of beaches are available.


beaches in vietnam

Beaches in Vietnam

More information about Vietnam beaches can be found here: http://vietexperttravel.com/Vietnam-Tours/Vietnam-Beach-Breaks.html

#9 – Cultural events

Because in part of it’s timeless history, deep traditions and Buddhist influences, Vietnam has events organized all year round. Many of which are unheard of in the Western world and really fun to learn about. If you want to learn about a different culture, events and festivals are one of the best ways to do so. For instance, Têt holiday, is an ideal time to see how families celebrate their love for their ancestors and for each other.

Also, solo or small group of travellers will often be invited to join the celebrations by being invited into a family’s house for the festivities.

While Têt is happening during the same time as Chinese New Year, they are two distinct holidays and is celebrated in a different way in Vietnam. For instance, in the countryside, people stay over night and make some special cake that is very particular to the region.

Multiple other festivals and event occur in Vietnam: in Hai Phong, the buffalo fighting festival is a well-known event: the winning buffalo will get killed and presented to the village god. As a foreigner, you multiple Vietnamese public holidays are worth joining: come to Vietnam on the 2nd of September and you will see nation-wide parades. The whole streets will be lighted by the country’s flags & fireworks, it is very impressive.


Holidays in Vietnam

Holidays in Vietnam

#8 – Nature and wilderness

Vietnam’s natural resources are something worth talking about. National parks can be found in many places between it’s borders. In many of those locations you will be able to enjoy a variety of activities you probably had no idea you could do: camping and bird-watching in the tropical forest of Cuc Phuong or Cat Ba; renting a jeep and touring Cat Tien national park; seeing unique wild life, wind-surfing crash course in Nha Trang, seeing thousand year old trees, etc..


Vietnam National Parks

Vietnam National Parks

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